Monday, November 22, 2010

Teebs - Ardour

This album is great. Read the whole review at The Silent Ballet.

Before eventually adventuring to Los Angeles where Flying Lotus lay in wait to discover him, Mtendere Mandowa had only been creating beats for a short time. Within his artistry is an alchemical ease that makes a lot of hard working artists nauseated with envy. Teebs definitely likes instruments that sounds delicate. His affected, arpeggiated flutes, bells, and chimes spread like a network of mycelium through the thick hip-hop beat-driven soil.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Elisa Luu - The Time of Waiting

Decent electronic dreams from a lady in Italy. Here's the review I wrote.

It’s summer time, the county fair is on, and your nine-year-old hands grasp an aromatic serving of cotton candy. The line for the Zipper ride is short. It feels like freedom, marvelling at all the smells and blurred human forms. This warm and distant place is evoked by “r735”, which opens The Time of Waiting with the chatter of children, mechanical wheels, and tracks, whirring beneath the twinkles of a backward acoustic guitar. Wahed vocal tones make the track as memorable as the images it invokes. The honey-baked vocal-esque tones warm the chest like hot cider.