Monday, November 30, 2009

Erik Enocksson - Man Tänker Sitt

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People often talk about the music when they see these films, what a dramatic addition it is.  There is something about Enocksson's minimalist approach that is hard not to like, but the music of Man Tänker Sitt is somewhat bland when compared to his other work. Farväl Falkenberg was so bright and diverse musically, and it's as if the subject matter of this newer film set big limitations on the composer, subduing his talents into drab territory.  There's really no way to make Latin sound cool, is there?  I certainly applaud Erik Enocksson for, again, doing something different.  We can hear the talent trapped below the surface, but one gets the feeling that the Latin verses and the repetitive themes are best spread out within the context of the film and not jammed into twenty-seven short minutes.  It's all pretty heavy handed, and may or may not scare parents come caroling season.  If you see a lost child with a byzantine halo wandering around the Christmas tree this year, maybe give this soundtrack a spin.

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