Friday, July 16, 2010

Aquarelle - Slow Circles

Read the tasteful review on The Silent Ballet.

There is not one flat moment on Slow Circles, an album that is as enchanted as it was loved in its making. Potts revised and re-did the album so many times over the years, and one can really feel how complete it is. The album kicks off with a sharp splash of an affected acoustic guitar strum, and forever after the listener is submerged into a densely satisfying world of sound. "In Days of Rust" thoroughly completes a strong album with waves of percussion-flecked static and a pantheon of guitars sailing to the undying lands. If Aquarelle wasn't on your radar before (This is his fourth full-length.) now is the time to perk up and take the plunge. The hard copies are gorgeously packaged, with artwork and photography done by Potts himself, making the album all the more special to be with. Slow Circles comes pretty close to inciting synesthesia, and "Aquarelle" (a drawing in transparent watercolors) couldn't be a more perfect moniker. Prepare to be caressed, listened to, and comforted by your own fuzzy introspection

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