Thursday, September 29, 2011

BLAST FROM THE not so distant PAST: Tenacious D rock n' roll Invitation Request

I am digging through my old files, and I found this little gem from when Julia and I found out Tenacious D were playing in Vancouver. The story goes that we are ridiculously devout D fans, and their music represents a special fraternity in our marriage that cannot be broken. When we found out about this show it was already sold out. So we put together a swarthy Craigslist ad. A day or two later, by some miracle of the heavens, a second show was added, and we ended up getting seats in the FRONT ROW. We even took a sharpie to the show and designed our own tee shirts on the spot to further supercharge the occasion. Jack Black sweated on me. Definitely a highlight of my concert going life...

We be two humble peasants wandering the path that was chosen. A man. A woman. Side by side, in rare friendshipian union, staring toward the blazing horizon, lusting after all the possibilities of the world. Nary a day goes by when we do not weep at the prospect of missing our mentors' grand judgment of rock upon our beautiful Canadian soil, for we missed our chance at snagging an invitation. When the D doth come a summoning, we must appear before their holy feet, to be learned another lesson of life, to have our socks rocked clean off, to get one step closer to answering the Ultimate Question.

For us, this would be a life-changing event. If yee be selling or losing tickets, lose them this way. If you want to ensure that your pretties are given to someone who will maximize their enjoyment, thus causing the Earth's biospheric aura to swell productively, please consider us.

PS, we have a tv and a playstation2 that we want to sell, but it can definitely be implemented into our obtainment of Tenacious D rock invitations. If you want said electronics, do come a calling....
with love Nayt and Julia

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