Monday, May 17, 2010

Manorexia - The Mesopelagic Waters

Read the entire review on The Silent Ballet. This was a really tough one to grasp and write. Personally, i am glad it's over. Manorexia does not jive with my spring time.

Scuttling and bubbling off to the side in J. G. Thirlwell's tidepools of "other" musical outlets lies Manorexia. Begat on Thanksgiving of 2000, this was, until recently, a completely solo, electronic project. In 2001 Manorexia released Volvox Turbo, with The Radiolarian Ooze appearing the following year. These albums feature some highly experimental compositions filled with haunted environmental shifts and a kitchen sink's worth of sampled instruments. Mostly of the creepy or disturbing persuasion, these works are equivalent to several feature films' worth of dynamism and intrigue. With the lavish electronic-heavy versions as guides, Thirlwell was interested in arranging the pieces for classical musicians, but not until 2006 (for a few shows in Russia) did this ever happen. He's just so busy! Manorexia of today is not one band or group. Thirlwell has different manorexial ensembles in both New York and London, both of which have given a few special performances around the world. The Mesopelagic Waters is the first studio demonstration of what this all sounds like.

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