Sunday, May 16, 2010

Remembering Dio

I never listened to Dio or the albums he did with Sabbath, or really anything related to him; except for the tributes made to him by Tenacious D. In an allegorical sense, I respect the man and the legend and the music. My affinity for The "D" is 100% so whatever myth or legend they want to perpetrate is just fine with me. Dio was part of Tenacious D's existence, and I'm sure the two guys and all those associated in their circles are mourning the loss of one of the classiest gents in metal.

Ronnie James Dio. Thanks for the greatness I have yet to fully explore. I have laughed a ton at your expense. He was 67, and died of stomach cancer. Apparently peacefully. Julia and I have already sung the Tencious D song named after you, today.

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