Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Aun - Black Pyramid

Here's my review of the new Aun. A mildly satisfying adventure into the depths of space.

packs enough grit into its hokey star surfing to satisfy, and often the music shimmers divinely. It’s fascinating to hear something so vast and dark sound so wholesome, as it does on the title track. Still, Black Pyramid does not quite hit upon the organic vitality of the band's Motorsleep. It’s pretty, but it can feel like wearing a labcoat at the edge of the universe. Despite the band's sumptuous efforts to make the guitars and melodies sound like they are crumbling, the synth sounds can often sound primitive, infused with a Larry Fast (Synergy) vibe. Yet more often than not, this album’s delicate doom will help listeners to visualize monolithic temples migrating through swarms of ice crystals and sunbeams being swallowed in dark rifts of nothing. The subtle sound woven behind the main melodies makes a strong backbone for Aun’s trippy tales. Recommended for fans of Hecker, Aidan Baker, doomgaze, and darker climes.

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