Thursday, October 14, 2010

Solo Andata - Ritual

This album is haunting and engaging, and I secretly want to go back to it again and again, though I am not sure why exactly. Read the review!

What is striking about this Australian duo is that they do not sound electronic. The overall effect of their audio science strikes one as being a completely natural phenomenon. It’s easy to conjure imagery while immersed in their rich, “sonic topographies,” which is a good sign of an engaging listen. Solo Andata have scripted another unique weave of sounds that, while invoking the natural world we humans coexist with, can only exist in its artful synthesis. The final track is full to the brim of sounds and ideas, but toward the end things drift off again into an unfocused somnambulism. Clearly this is the intent of the artists. What may seem like a letdown to the average person consuming a pumpkin spice latte can become for the focused listener a dance between the subtle and the intense. Given the right chemical guides or frame of mind, this album has the potential to cast a powerful spell.

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